12 ways to make your direct mail work effectively

Here’s how to make sure your next mailpack gets the right message to the right people and gets the right response….

1. Include a free offer or trial to boost response – but make sure it’s genuinely free and there are no catches or conditions

2. Make your offer easy to understand and easy to respond to

3. Restate your offer often especially at the end of the letter

4. Have a strong call to action throughout the pack – tell your readers exactly what you want them to do

5. Print in large quantities to take advantage of cheaper print prices

6. Use a P.S. – it’s the second most read part of the letter after the headline

7. Create urgency – Act Now, Don’t Delay, For a limited time only, Hurry while stocks lasts

8. Include a close date and give a reason why recipients must act promptly

9. Include testimonials in your pack and next to the call to action

10. Code your mailings to measure response

11. Design the outer carrier to make it more attractive

12. Give it to Samphire